Thursday, March 1, 2012


Result: 6l of goat's milk, collected over the past week, and decidedly tasting of goat became 1 kg fresh Chevre.
I drained it over night and it still has a very moist quark like consistency. I've frozen 2 portions and keeping the rest in the fridge to test and monitor how the process. At the moment it could easily be used as a quark substitute, but only in savoury recipes as the goat taste is there. Not in an offensive strong way, but just enough to mark it different.
On a positive side note: yesterday Mr.11had Weetbix and used some of the 2 day old goat's milk and didn't notice any difference!! Of course I didn't tell him, don't want to get his back up. And this morning my hubby used the fresh milk to make his Mocca and was pleasantly surprised by the LACK of goat flavour!

After making a Pannettone and a batch of Pork mince pies I felt shattered yesterday, but it has turned out to be a very productive day!
And as it's not raining anymore I will have to go out and dig a post hole!


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