Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Just a quick update, as I have started another cheese, today I'm trying to make a Chevre. At the moment it's sitting in the cupboard for another 2 hours before I can see whether it has properly set.

A couple of pics of my last exploits:
the waxed Havarti. Which is now down to its last quarter!
I had some yesterday, at 14 days old, and it was quite yummy!!

And for a birthday lunch for my hubby I had done one of our ducks.
Goodness what an ordeal!! 
And yes, that's my epilady, used to get the last of the downy feathers out! 
As a reference: the carcass weighed 1kg exactly, and was enough for the four of us: the kids enjoyed the legs and we feasted on the breast. I had made a stuffing of 2 onions, 1 apple, 4 rasher of streaky bacon cut into 1cm bits and added some Thyme. I had also covered the breast and top of the bird with bacon rashers and cooked it like a chicken for about 1 1/4 hours in a covered dish. it was stunningly moist, 5 more minutes and it would have been dry! As side dishes I made Spaetzle with crispy bacon bits ( yes it's a theme) and poached pears in spicy red wine. And a gravy made from the duck juices and the pear liquid!
As everybody enjoyed and finished their meal I'm particularly pleased with this effort.

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