Monday, December 10, 2012

Almost Christmas!

My last post for the year,
and as can be seen by the long break I have been extremely busy again!

But a few things got tried out, so here, in no particular order, my latest food endeavours:

Leberwurst, liverwurst made from the liver and pork fat of our and our neighbour's piggys.
Unfortunately I got the proportions for salt & spices slightly wrong, but still achieved a quite edible result.

Next up for Halloween I did some graveyard pies and Zombie fish fingers! They actually looked so gross Mr.12 refused to try them!

And then last weekend, as if I didn't have enough on my plate at this time of year, I decided to try making vegan and gluten-free food for Ms.10's birthday party. All in all I'm quite happy with what I managed to whip up and the kids ate most of it!  //insert winking icon//
For 'dinner' we had fresh potato wedges seasoned with paprika, oregano & thyme with carrot&potato fritters, which got completely annihilated. For dessert I had made a 'trifle' out of chocolate tapioca ( all granules sieved out), cherry jelly made with agar agar and vanilla tapioca cooked in coconut cream. Also a gooey choc cake with ground almonds as a base. That one is a keeper, but will only be served in small portions, not sure about it's health attributes, more like 'Death-by-choc'!

And for my last coup-de-grace for this year, I've got one of Thumbelina's legs in the fridge curing away. By Christmas it should be a beautiful homegrown, home cured ham, with no nasties, just plain salt, brown sugar and spices. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't turn bad. I turned it yesterday and it felt & smelt all good!

And last but not least, a couple of weeks ago I made a Romano cheese out of my first batch of spare goats milk. That will get tried out first at Christmas time too.

And what's on this week? School activities and hopefully making two large batches of Quark, got some Stollen and cheesecake to bake for the holidays.

Hope everyone is going to have a good festive season, don't worry about scrubbing the house clean, if people come to see the house, tell them to make an appointment. If they come to see you they won't see anything and just enjoy the time spent with you!
All the best and have a good turn, and I hope we all get to see each other after the 21st!

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