Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haha, that was fun!

Just opened a bottle of bubbles, and our dog loves chasing the flying cork! Well, this time, as soon as the cork popped and she ran after it barking her head of, our adopted cat ran inside and started chasing the dog around the kitchen table! I had seen her the day before playing with one of them, and was wondering if she's trying to put a claim on that particular toy?!

Anyway, got a few spare minutes, not necessarily quiet time, but I thought I'd put the photos from last week up.
Spareribs dinner. That night hubby decided it would be better to have the big meals in the middle of the day.

Pizza: fresh made dough and home made Mozzarella. even though the texture wasn't quite text book, the flavour was all there.

Lentil soup with frankfurters. This is one of my favourite home comfort soups, not for the faint-of-heart, as the colour can be off-putting. BUT I love the taste, and the memories of warming up from the inside on a cold winter's day.

And then some baking: my style Panettone and Walnut&Onion bread, and Banana&Walnut cake.

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