Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 months have gone!!

And finally I get around to taking pics and posting about the food side of my activities.

Cheese: it's been extremely busy making cheeses, I got into making a weekly batch of Havarti and now have a good stash sitting in the fridge maturing. The oldest one is now actually 4 weeks old and approaching the recommended age of 6 weeks.
And here's my collection of Goudas, Camemberts and Blue Veins in the making:

And last weekend I attempted Rabbit Rillettes: two days of work, 7 potted jars and it tastes ok. I can't remember the Rillettes de Main in Paris, but this tastes a bit dry. So next time I've got a bit of rabbit meat spare I'll give it go and try to make it a bit moister. Still nice though, on fresh toasted Sourdough bread!

Hah, and I almost forgot my cheese cake. I had made approximately 3.5 kgs of Quark and used most of it in two Lemon, Rum-raisin cheese cakes. One went to our dairy friends and one we're working our way through. Willingly!

Right, that's it for now.
Wish my hips the best of luck trying to avoid the pilage!

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