Friday, October 14, 2011


We've got lots of chickens! At the moment we have 3 1/2 trays of eggs sitting in the fridge sitting. And I'm worried it's not enough:
Yesterday I backed four portions of Lemon-Sour Cream cake from my trusty Edmond's Cook Book.
Today we had soft-boiled eggs with Asparagus and Toast soldiers.
That used up 2 dozen of eggs.
The children seem to be coming down with acute cases of hollow legs!
I'm scared.
How will I feed them?
At least I know that they are 100% free-range, the other day I got a bloody nose stomping through the bush looking for them!
The neighbours suggested selling my surplus eggs to the Lodge down the road, I don't think I'll have any surplus while the kids are having growth spurts.
Other than that, not much exciting, new or different on the food front.
Keeping busy raising the animals, so in 3-4 months time it'll be rabbit recipe time!


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